Thursday, 4 May 2017

I have done an instructional sequence using the six- step procedure as a model.

       Step 1
Schema building
Watch a video about animals at a zoo. Extract the names of the animals mentioned.
       Step 2
Controlled practice
Watch the same video again but this time you have to pay attention to the food that each animal eats and to the environment where they live. Then, match the animals with their corresponding environment and food.
        Step 3
Authentic listening practice
Listen to an animal’s factfile. Then, complete the factfile you have with the missing words.
        Step 4
Focus on linguistic elements
Listen to the animal’s factfile again. Focus on the affirmative and negative form of the sentences.
        Step 5
Provide freer practice
Select an animal you like and make a factfile of it with your partner.
        Step 6
Introduce the pedagogical taks
Make a zoo on a big poster. Imagine and decide where to place each animal, which animals you will buy, the space you need for each animal and the food they will eat.

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